I'm the commenter known as @Magister using a burner account with no history, author status, followers or following. This is a completely blank slate. No comment will be made, approved or recommended by this burner and the only intervention will be your help.

Please do not share or re-top this post to any of the communities. Because wider circulation could be a plus, you're welcome to share or re-top the post which led you here, but the act of sharing puts an @name behind the URL and it is around that notation which parts of circles will be built, so let's not put them in the communities.

You are of course welcome to share this post to your personal Kinja if you'd like, but as a more public way to demonstrate our individual circles, I'll start a thread for anyone who would like to paste this post's URL with their @ appended, so that we can look at each other's views.


Because this post should have a broader topic, I've selected the subject of internet commenting with Kinja as one facet and I'll seed some threads with relevant quotes and clips using my regular account. For us to test 1.2, I'd appreciate it if you'd either respond to one of my threads, reply to one of the responses or launch a thread of your own. My hope here is to build complexity, a multi-layered web of comments, but that will only be possible with help.

It should also be noted that some of the clips I may use are in hopes of sparking a conversation, they weren't chosen to start trouble. I plan to add others after I see how the initial slate is filled and how the threads are displayed.

Thank you for any help you'd like to provide and the comments should be viewed in 1.2.

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